Tom's Album: The album of everything

The album of everything the name says...just about anything
  1. A shot from a show
  2. The famous unibomber shot for everyone
  3. My beautiful dog :)
  4. Another old shot
  5. my first serious band at a gig. Great buncha guys
  6. Trouble maker little csopi!
  7. Blossoming tree at Gettysburg Memorial site
  8. Me and Batman chillin
  9. Group shot in DC
  10. Csopi grown up, but lots more to go!
  11. Me at skate camp doing something I told the kids not to do haha! (This was AFTER camp, I wanted to try it >_>)
  12. Just a random shot
  13. Costa Rica from the air
  14. A shot from back in the day.
  15. Our little puppy, Csopi. Yeah, ours is the little rascal with her paws in the bowl
  16. The new home, picture taken on move in day
  17. Me and my pops chilling outside Costa Rica
  18. Iggy the Iguana we met in Costa Rica
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