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  71. Please pray for Glidenhi (Oli)
  72. Dose swearing make you a bad person?
  73. a really cool video
  74. The Inherently Illegal Nature of Street Skating
  75. Clarification: does God hate sinners?
  76. Did we just get lucky..
  77. Ravi Zacharias: forgiveness
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  79. People say Christians have no free will..
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  83. has anyone grown out of christianity?
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  87. You guys will love this thread.
  88. Don't Waste Your Life.
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  90. is it okay to be gay?
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  100. ATTENTION!! Christian Forum is offically OFF-LIMITS
  101. why christ is the only way.
  102. So help me out here.
  103. Is anyone here a messianic?
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  105. How Did You Pick Your Church.?
  106. Magic And The Like.
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  108. When did YOU begin to [i]believe[/i] in Jesus
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  123. Psalm 55:22 'Friends are God's way of taking care of us.'
  124. Are there any Christians here that believe in abortion.
  125. who here is a christian?
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  127. Inoculated to Jesus?
  128. Let us contemplate the lyrical meaning.
  129. The Early Church Fathers On Purgatory
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  131. any Pro Christian skateboarders you know?
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  133. Don Miller responds to Pat Robertson
  134. How do you worship through skateboarding?
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  138. scripture, tradition, and The Church
  139. Joel A'Bell. One Of My Favorite Preachers.
  140. Glenn Beck, Yay or Nay?
  141. The Fire
  142. Goshen College plays National Anthem for first time
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  144. Love the sheep and shoot the wolves
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  149. Promiscuity and the New Testament
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  153. A "Mission From God"
  154. Galations 3:28
  155. Hillsong
  156. Is it ALL part of God's plan?
  157. More Of "Us" Out There?
  158. i recently found out that a few famous pro skaters are christians
  159. Religious group calls out Glenn Beck’s ‘warped gospel’, launches ad campaign
  160. drugs?
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  185. Priest Or An Angel? Mystery Priest Shows Up At Accident Site Then Disappears
  186. Rosary Prayer Beads, made from recycled Skate decks
  187. How I Connect Christ and Skateboarding
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  189. Blessed
  190. US VS CA @@https://theworld-juniors.com/2020-live/
  191. My view of religion.