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  1. Whats your religion
  2. Obama & Huckabee Win Iowa Caucuses
  3. What denomination do you belong to?
  4. ALL religion is a cult
  5. Convert me to become an athiest!
  6. Forced into obedience
  7. where God came from
  8. answer to the question
  9. Free Evolution DVDs
  10. Bob Barr announces run for President. FINALLY someone who makes since...
  11. Laws I think that should be changed.. Anyone Agree?
  12. Holy Books
  13. sodom and gomorrah
  14. Weather Underground Organization
  15. Muhammad VS Pope
  16. christians only please
  17. scientists & religion
  18. the faith of an athiest (athiests read on please)
  19. My own interpretation of Christianity
  20. so who on here is christian? cuz i am!
  21. quick question
  22. sounds from hell
  23. huge test of faith
  24. Three Secular Reasons America Should Be Under God
  25. Is This Member of the Cafe Brainwashed?
  26. God is an Atheist
  27. Judgement Day 12 21 12?
  28. OK, This Has Got To Stop!!
  29. Most Accurate Video?
  30. Christian God and Jealousy
  31. Humanity's Chance
  32. McCain
  33. Reasons for religions
  34. Christian anarchism
  35. Rapture site sends unbelievers their last chance...via email
  36. Thinking of becoming a vegan
  37. Scientology
  38. Bay Area, California "drought"
  39. Heaven's Gate
  40. US in Iraq
  41. So who are the candidats
  42. How to be a Good Democrat
  43. Evidence That God Is Real
  44. This Is Why I Debate Religion...
  45. The most hated family in america - Westboro baptist church
  46. A site all Atheist should know about
  47. The truth about Christians/Christianity
  48. The truth about Pastafarians/Pastafarianism
  49. Any Catholics here?
  50. Societal Disaster Without God?
  51. evolution
  52. Irish Republican Army
  53. Any Jews?
  54. This Should Keep Us All Thinking
  55. The Zeitgeist of "Zeitgeist the Movie"
  56. Shame on you Louisiana
  57. Catholicism, 1 billion misled
  58. For anyone religious out there!
  59. Mary appearing to this lady
  60. How did christianity spread?
  61. The Story of Jesus
  62. Christianity Question
  63. Proof Jesus isn't the son of god
  64. The bible: what athiests don't know about it!
  65. Iran + Saudi Arabia = Utopia
  66. Why.
  67. Ok tell me this...
  68. Proof Jesus isn't the sun god
  69. Can an athiest answer this?
  70. Jesus existed
  71. So, I Was Banned...
  72. All Religions Right?
  73. Is Islam Absurd?
  74. what do athesist think of Hinduism/Buddhism
  75. Man talks to Jesus
  76. Question for the Latin Christians
  77. Anyone read the old testament?
  78. Retreats
  79. Russia VS Georgia
  80. Obama vs McCain
  81. Gay man challenges Red Cross on donation
  82. Independence Movements
  83. So what do you think happens when you die?
  84. What sort of atheist are you?
  85. Religion and Bigfoot
  86. Do you BELIEVE in evolution?
  87. Independence Movements
  88. Christians, Mark 3:29, don't think, you'll go to hell!
  89. Abiogenesis, where is there a need for god?
  90. zeitgeist the movie.
  91. Womens Rights In Christianity.
  92. Why would a "god" have any reason to create us?
  93. I've got a few questions...
  94. Enemies of Reason, Slaves to Superstition
  95. Questions
  96. one trillion dollars
  97. Zimbabwe's inflation hits 11,200,000 %
  98. World War 3
  99. God?
  100. skaters and religion
  101. Is Suicide An Early Entry To Heaven?
  102. God solves the problem of murderers by murdering?
  103. converting people?
  104. Do Aborted Fetus' Go To Heaven?
  105. Would the world be a better place without America?
  106. The Election is taking place on the Cafe TODAY! Get off you but and vote!!!!
  107. Wow...no news about McCains VP choice???
  108. Why would you ever vote for Obama??
  109. Fake Obama Money pulled from the air
  110. Haarp
  111. An analogy for god sending us to hell
  112. Jack Idema Working For The USA.?
  113. Abstinence-Only sex education
  114. Ummm...Mr. Obama she's the Governor of Alaska...not the mayor of her home town...LMAO
  115. Do you think that Joe Biden should be running for president, and Obama the V.P.??
  116. "You Can't Disprove God"
  117. First time in history?
  118. Obama on the O'Reilly Factor Thursday September 4th....
  119. Mike Huckabee's speach...opinions...??
  120. Libertarian
  121. Fox News
  122. Now that's just rediculous (theory of gravity< theory of falling?)
  123. Why Be Anything Besides Independent?
  124. deism
  125. Sara Palin and Alaskan sussesion
  126. STFU Fox News
  127. What Would You Say If....
  128. Parody Religions.
  129. Needle Exchanges
  130. Obama compared to Jesus??
  131. Obama=FAIL
  132. John McCain's 42 Flip Flops
  133. McCain using 9/11
  134. what's so special about Jesus anyway??
  135. Damn it!
  136. Another reason that Sara Palin is an aweful person
  137. Should you vote?
  138. An Atheist Meets God
  139. im starting to doubt christanity
  140. Everyone NEEDS to Watch This Movie.
  141. Glenn Beck - Exposed: America's Broke - Day 1
  142. Glenn Beck - Exposed: America's Broke - Day 2
  143. Glenn Beck - Exposed: America's Broke - Day 3
  144. Glenn Beck - Exposed: America's Broke - Day 4
  145. 9/11 Conspiracy!!!
  146. Haha, Funny little blurb about the 2 opposing canidates
  147. Sarah Palin hates skateboarders
  148. "you cant disprove evolution"
  149. ME vs RAZZ... (debate me)
  150. McCain thinks Spain is in Latin America?
  151. $700 billion bailout
  152. religious FANATICS
  153. Politics
  154. Accurate Prophecy IS Proof
  155. Where Did Society Go Wrong
  156. First Presidential Debate-McCain VS Obama
  157. Prophecy... true or false?
  158. How do bad things exist????
  159. anarchy could it ever work?
  160. Richard Dawkins
  161. So is Bush to blame for the economic crises today or is someone else???
  162. Kent Hovind
  163. Just a Question
  164. Palin doesn't know what Hamas is?
  165. FDR got on TV in 1929 and told us....
  166. Zeitgeist-Addendum
  167. Esoteric Agenda
  168. Palin sucks....
  169. Petition for Intelligent Discussion and Thought + extra
  170. Iceland may be the first country to hit nation-wide bankruptcy
  171. Rules for the Politics/Social Debates forum:
  172. interesting question...
  173. Communism, A good idea?
  174. Does god deserve to be called god?
  175. Lost Fisherman.
  176. where on the political spectrum are you?
  177. big sisters
  178. How can i attach my sig?
  179. How can i attach my sig?
  180. Uninformed Voters: To Vote or Not to Vote?
  181. America is Getting taken over by China
  182. Let's, At Least, Applaud McCain for This
  183. Understanding Believers
  184. Republicans Are Getting Desperate
  185. Personality types and religion
  186. Would You Vote for JESUS (Hussein?) CHRIST For President???
  187. Comparing Obama And McCain's Tax Plans
  188. Bar Stool Economics
  189. Welcome to socialist America....
  190. You can't make poor people rich by making rich people poor...
  191. Obama on healthcare
  192. Jon Stewart on McCains "NEW" speech (funny)
  193. mc, when will the lies stop?
  194. Financial Crisis Signals the End of a Really Crazy Era
  195. Colin Powell (of the Bush Administration) Endorses Barack Obama
  196. Meat Is Hypocrisy
  197. does society actually exist??
  198. Do you think it's good to expose your kids to the real world?
  199. Samuel "Joeseph" Worzelbacher
  200. book for christians
  201. Life advice
  202. Conservapedia - An Unbelievably Hilarious Display of Idiocity
  203. "I am offended"
  204. A Perfect Example on Why I Can't Stand Religion (Gay Marriage in California)
  205. Exactly why are you voting???
  206. Redistribution of Wealth...
  207. The ghost of Thomas Paine and the second revolution
  208. A Random Rant
  209. The Bradley Effect
  210. Vile acts in the name of god
  211. A question I have for the religious people on this site.
  212. Who wouldn't vote for this guy?
  213. How many leaps of faith does it take to go from Agnosticism to Christianity?
  214. Pretty powerful video.
  215. Female President. Good Or Bad.?
  216. gun question - I would like to understand this
  217. the odds
  218. Think about who you are voting for tommorow.
  219. Buying a Presidency...here's how it's done with the help of the media and lying....
  220. Thank GOD it's alomost over....
  221. Obama's Grandmother Dies on Eve of Election
  222. And Obama Is Elected President
  223. Obama
  224. why ?
  225. My reaction to last nights election...
  226. Nation States and Nation States 2
  227. Why Did These Multi-Millionaires Vote Obama If He's Going to Spread their Wealth?
  228. Black Panther poll intimidation in Pennsylvania...
  229. The Sinner's Seemingly Traditional Mindset Acceptable?
  230. science verses relgion ?
  231. Mormon Church Donated $70,000,000.00 to Pass Prop 8 (Banning Gay Marriage)
  232. Our Founding Fathers vision and a great explination of our Country and the world...
  233. Monks fight in Jerusalem's holiest church
  234. Just a question.
  235. British girl(13) allowed to refuse heart transplant
  236. Obama's Faith
  237. If the God You Believe in is the *Wrong* God, Would You Feel It's Fair to Go To Hell?
  238. Al Gore's Convenient Denial
  239. The "fairness Docturne"...is it "fair'?
  240. Which is more important? Ethics Or Morals?
  241. May 19 2008 video predicted the global economy collapse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  242. Richard Dawkins Reads His Hate Mail
  243. i have a question
  244. A question for my fellow athiests.
  245. asking someone how much they make? Rude? Not rude?
  246. The Divine Matrix
  247. God Vs. Satan, who's more evil?
  248. Science & Religion Are Equal
  249. Can you really call yourself an Atheist or a Christian?
  250. The Satanic Bibles