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10-26-2010, 05:54 PM
Vans Authentic's Shoe Review

-Double stitched toe, and heel
-Thinly padded tongue, heel collar, and side panels
-Vans vulcanized Waffle sole
-Canvas upper

These come in almost an infinite amount of colorways. You can take just about any combination of colors you can think of, and there will probably be one just like it for sale. Vans also has a thing where you can create your own colorway on their site, and they'll mail you your own custom shoe!

Vans are usually on the cheap side. For these, you'll be spending around $35-$45 most places you look. You might find them on sale for $20-25, but on average, these go for retail of around the $35-45 price range.

Where To Buy?
Local skate shops should always carry these.They're a classic! If not though, there's always online shops you can order from. A few online stores you can purchase these from include...

Vans Authentics Black/White

First Thoughts/Impressions
I got these from a friend that were in somewhat new condition. Not skated, but worn a few times. I've always had a soft spot for Vans, especially the old school series. Even though they were all canvas, that didn't hesitate me for one second to skate them because I knew they would skate great! I love their simplistic look, and classic feel. This was the only shoe from the original series that I hadn't owned, so I was really excited to finally get to try them!

View of the tongue, and heel collar padding

These fit like a glove the first time trying on, and they are still just as comfortable from the moment putting them on, to now. The lack of padding, and overall thinness of both the tongue, and heel collar might make you skeptical. Though not having tons of padding, or a pillowy tongue, they still make your feet feel secure, and comfortable when wearing them.

It's a safe enough assumption to say that most people that buy this shoe are looking for a lot of boardfeel, and that's exactly what you'll get when skating in these. For the first few weeks, they have just enough boardfeel for just about anything you're skating. After a while though, the sole starts to thin, and you start to feel more of the board, and well....the ground. Definitely a strong point with this shoe. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for excellent boardfeel.

Side view of lace placement

Lace Protection
There are no lace loops, lace flaps, or lace savers on the shoe. So you're going to be ripping your laces in these eventually. Even without no protection, the way the laces are placed on the overall design of the shoe I think helps protect them. They are farther away from the side panels of the shoe than most other skate shoes. Mine haven't ripped yet, but this isn't too surprisingly after noticing how far away they are from the sides. I don't mind ripped laces too much, but if you do, once they start to rip, just put some Shoe-Goo near the ripped ends, and you're set. Or just switch out the ripped ones for new ones, and apply Shoe-Goo near the ends to prevent them from ripping quickly.

These shoes don't come with much of any insole unfortunately. It's a very lightly padded insole with minimal impact resistance, if any. The thing I like about this though is it forces you to commit to your tricks. Your feet will be hurting a lot after hucking yourself repeatedly. It's best to just go straight for your trick then bail over and over again causing many heel bruises. I usually put in another insole from one of my other shoes to help keep my feet safe. I recommend it strongly if you're skating stairs, or gaps.

View of the grip

These shoes had exceptionally good grip. Being a gum-soled shoe made it even better. They have the patented "Waffle" sole that grips the board well. Vans has always impressed me with their durable soles. After skating, and walking in these for about a month consistently, this grip can hold it's own just fine. It did not start to lose it's thread until about 4 weeks or so skating/wearing them. Overall, I was very pleased with it, and would definitely recommend them to someone having trouble finding long lasting grip/soles. I mean, it's worked for over 40 years so they must be doing something right!

Front view

I was a little skeptical of how these were going to hold up since they were all canvas. I was impressed with how well they held up despite this. I skated these for about 2 weeks before noticing any major rips, or tears to the shoe. For the first week, the midsole (white part) just wears away. Within another week, a tiny hole started to form. With not using any adhesives to the toe yet, these have held up incredibly well compared to other all canvas shoes I have skated. Overall, they were far more durable than I expected. Remember though, everyone skates differently. I have a feeling it was just because of the way I flick my tricks, and just skate in general. I highly doubt these will last as long for you as they did me solely because of the way no one flicks the same. There are lots of materials this shoe comes in: suede, canvas, leather, nubuck, etc. But if you're willingly to buy the canvas version, but are worried about them ripping quickly, just apply a thin layer of Shoe-Goo around the areas you tend to blowout quickest.

A little misleading at first maybe, but once trying them, they really stand out. With them being one of the thinner vulcanized shoes on the market, you think the durability won't be the best, and they'll kill your feet. For the most part this is true. But not always. They have alright durability for being made from such a weak material. Also, they skate good. Really good. That's why I kept skating them even with all the holes, and rips. They make tricks seem easier with that seamless toe piece, and the canvas is smooth to the touch, yet still reinforced with the double stitching. Grip couldn't be much better really. A gum Waffle soled shoe. It lasts long, and you won't be getting holes in your soles anytime soon skating these. In conclusion, if you're looking for amazing boardfeel, ok durability, long lasting grip, and comfort, give these a try. If you want more padding, or durability than anything, then you might want to try something else like Half Cabs. But overall, the Vans Authentics are a well built shoe, and I highly recommend them to anyone.

10-26-2010, 06:26 PM
Good review. Also, a good alternative would be the Vans Eras. Pretty much the same exact shoe with a bit more padding, they also just released the Era Pro shoe that seems to be made out of much better materials for skating.

01-16-2011, 03:34 PM
what happened to rowley and vans?

Chew on This
01-25-2011, 09:53 PM
i want to get me a pair.

06-23-2011, 07:33 PM
i miss oldschool vans they haven't had the same quality of product across the board in years.

06-23-2011, 08:26 PM
Good review, good shoes

06-23-2011, 09:17 PM
The fabric in these seems a bit thinner than it was in the late 70s. But, nylon thread has a higher tenacity than the poly and canvas did. Stlil a great basic shoe.