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11-28-2010, 03:10 PM
(Author Note: I actually wrote this review this past summer, I still wear these shirts often and they're in the same condition as they were back when I wrote this review!)

I recently got a package from Individ Clothing a week ago and finally found the time to write up a review for one of the designs I recieved. This shirt is extra special to me because I actually created and submitted the design to RJ at Individ and they ended up putting it into production for their new Summer line! I'm way excited to see this company grow and improve every day and am glad to help contribute to it!

Individ "Define Yourself" T-Shirt

http://cache1.bigcartel.com/product_images/26875775/300.jpg (http://shop.individclothing.com/product/j-stevens-purple) http://cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/26875767/300.jpg (http://shop.individclothing.com/product/j-stevens-black)


ORDER AT: shop.individclothing.com (http://shop.individclothing.com/)

Sick blue & white Individ design with the words "Define Yourself" written in a cool font along the bottom
Shirt comes in Black & Purple
Custom screen printed tags
Water-based, eco friendly ink
6.1 oz 100% Cotton
Made and Printed in the USA


Great feedback. I've gotten so many compliments from friends, girls, and family when I've rocked both the purple and black shirt. Almost everyone wants to know where I got them from and what company makes them. The shirts are proffesional quality and look like something you'd buy from your local shop!

The screen printed tags! I've always hated normal tags and how annoying they can feel sometimes. Screen printing them definetly gives the shirt an extra level of comfort!

The quality of the shirts is amazing. They're so soft and comfortable, yet tough & durable at the same time. They're light enough to keep you cool during a hard skate session, yet heavy enough to keep you warm during a colder day.

The great price. Usually I end up paying 20-25 dollars for shirts and they're not as original or unique as this design in my opinion. Plus it's nice having them delivered to your house without wasting gas and time driving to a local shop or the mall to buy them.

Shipping was incredibly reliable and fast, I live across the country and recieved my package within 48 hours of ordering it. Individ is an honest and trustworthy company and I even got hooked up with some free stickers and other goodies for supporting them.


If you don't enjoy attention then you might get tired of people asking you about your shirt and where you got it from, but there's really nothing negative I've experienced while wearing or washing them!


The colors are sick. They're so vivid and perfect in real life that even I was a little surprised when I first opened my package. They're not TOO bright or TOO dull, they're just the right shade of black, purple, blue, and white.


These tees were definetely made for skaters, they're as tough as nails! I've washed them a few times and the design and color still looks completely new. I've even had a few falls while skating in them and haven't seen a single fray/rip.


To conclude, this design is gnarly and the tees are proffesional quality for a cheap price! I also love repping a company that is run by skaters for skaters and haven't hesitated telling any of my friends about Individ. I highly reccomend picking up one of these bad boys or any of the other products they sell, you won't be dissapointed!

-Josh (Retired_Skater)

11-29-2010, 09:48 AM
Hell yeah Josh! Always welcomed to submit some more design ideas!