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01-16-2011, 09:13 PM


The Fallen Regal Vulc comes in alot of colors. I had the purple.. From what I know, there is orangle/black, purple/black, blue, red, and grey.


What I know, this shoe goes for 50.00-70.00, can depend and sales and what not. I got them when they were fairly new in the 2010 summer, for 70.00

Where to buy these;

You could check Zumiez, but you can also look online and they will be all over the place.

First Thoughts/Impressions

These shoes were very hot when I got them. But after skating around in these, they get very loose, and arent such an annoyance anymore. Besides Vans, they are really light shoes.


At first, they feel tight and hot and can get itchy. But, once you fondle with the laces, and wear them out a bit, they get loose and very flexible. I gotta tell you, they dont ahve that new shoe feel as much as other shoes. They feel pretty flexible at first.


When I got these, the sole felt very.. Thick. I couldnt even FEEL the board under me.. That could cause problems. But they for some reason, made my ollies higher, and felt great to me.


The impact of these are good. Like Vans are very thin and hurt if you do a long trick. But the fallens feel really thick, like I said with the Boardfeel. But after wearing them fior about a month, they get less thick and thick.


I really am no good skater (cant even kickflip) but these have lasted me 5 months. And are still great! They barely have any holes, as Vans get holes very easy.


These shoes are great. I would recommend them to alot of friends. They are also very stylish!

Chew on This
01-25-2011, 09:53 PM
I'm still debating what kind of shoe i should get.

03-27-2011, 07:14 PM
Shoes gotta have a good balance between boardfeel and durability.