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07-03-2009, 08:31 PM
So, i have been going to this skatepark for a while its crappy not very smooth but a fun one to ride around and cruise on.

and have never had any problems with people around me til today.

Some dumb ass Redneck who has never ever heard of pimple cream and with an ugly ass girl friend that looks like slut and some curly headed buck toothed ****. The curly headed person has to ask my friend who is visiting if he is gay. my friend replys in no and this kid tells the redneck that he isnt gay. I step up and say, if you want to ask a question how about you ask yourself instead of telling your friend to do it for you. his reply was i didnt tell him man, so how about you shut the hell up, course this guy sounds gay with his redneck accent. and we continue to go about our buisness. I skate over to the other side of the park, and my friend continues to sit there kinda pissed off.
then this curly headed kid comes over telling me to call him over,, i call him over and his name is guy. (from england) and then he starts giving him crap cause of his name, then my brother steps in telling him to shut up. and then he tells my brother to shut his mouth before he beats his ass. I stood up for my bro saying "i dare you to try and kick my brothers add" he goes " oh rly" then this stupid kid runs over and gets his lil redneck boyfriend to come stand by case i kick this kids ass. and then this curly headed kid says he can take all 3 of us, Thats when i said yeah right love to see you try, and then i said whatever im done with immature kids and poser ass skaters. and then he starts talking to my littlest bro who is 8 and can drop in go down big ass ramps and ****, and he gives him crap for not being able to ollie yet! God, just so they wasnt any fights or cussing going on around little 5 year olds, and the police across the street i did the best thing and left.

Why cant people just not ask questions, mind their own damn buisness, and if your going to skate then just skate! and if your not skating, then dont give a skater **** cause he is actually doing something with his life instead of chasing ugly ass girls.

Sorry this was realllllly long, but any thoughts on this?
should i have just kicked the kids ass? i mean im pretty damn well built i could have crushed this little kid

07-08-2009, 08:57 AM
should have.
i would have.
people need to learn to stfu.
they're picking on you guys because they think you're easy targets because you're skaters.
prove 'em wrong. ;)