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  1. to this day that is still one of my favourite songs <3
  2. I'm sorry I'm bad.
    I'm sorry you're blue.
    I'm sorry about all the things I said to you,
    And I know, I can't it back.

    I remember a long time ago you introduced this song and Buckcherry to me, and I was like, "yo this song sounds good"

    just thinkin' about my Australian.
  3. Cutest.

  4. just wanted to leave you some lovin'

  5. Haha yeah I have always been in America, but you asked where I was, so I told youuuu

    this reminds me of the time I showed up at my uncle's house and my grandmother asked me where I came from, so I said "I came from my mom" haha we had giggles.

    Medical school was too studious and not interesting to me, so I'm going to do what I want to do.
    INTERIOR DESIGN! My parents accept me and my feelings, finally.

    WHAT WHATT waking up at 5:40am?! That sounds so killer! I don't get to sleep at night til like 2am. I need to start skating since summer has come into season here. ANDD VAncouver sounds like uber fun, maybe I will go witchu too <3

    I noticed your FB status updates, I think your living place is very confusing! I thought you said you got out of the house, and were just living around at random people's houses.

    <3 all my love

    Havent you always been in America? Changing your major to what?! Come on msn next time you have a chance, we have too much to catch up on and discuss

    Im always tired aswell, waking up at 5:40 every day, not skating as much as i wish i was, still film and have fun with the homies on weekends when we can all get together for a skate, im going to vancouver in september !!! so so keen for that and ummmmmmm currently trying to move out, alot going on for me aswell.

    Catch up properly soon old friend, good luck getting accepted into those schools <3
  7. I have so much to tell you babeeee.

    I am in America,
    I'm transferring schools,
    I'm changing my major,
    my parents are accepting me for who I am and what I want to do,
    I've been working on college transfer stuff like crazy,
    I failed my Biology II class in medical school,
    I'm tired,
    I miss you,
    and I really really really hope to get accepted to some of those schools I applied to.

    <3 Gloria
  8. Where are you
  9. RAWRR I want to spill but the chatbox isn't letting me write

    it was 'cause I thought that Canada's passing grade of 50% is a very low standard. It's ridiculous. Sorry if you don't agree, but 50%?? That sounds like special ed exception. So I was complaining about how stupid it is and blahblah he couldn't understand the concept that Canada has lower standards, people don't have to work as hard. Like 50% in Canada and 50% in US are the same thing, right? But 50% in CAnada is passing, whereas 50% in US is failing. So thus, Canada has lower standards.
    and then he went on about an IQ thing and he assumed I had an IQ of 6. I've actually never really taken an IQ test before, so I don't know, but wtf, then he called me a retard or something and blahblah. So I never went on MSN afterwards.. Then one day, he messaged me on AIM, and we made up.

    CUTE STORY in the end
  10. dis is 4 u <3

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