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  1. hahah, when it was almost over I was in hysterics. And then fluttershy showed up, and... I'm pretty sure I died, hahaha
  2. LMFAO

    fluttershy made that at the end hahahaha
  3. lawl I dunno what I'm doing
  4. i know i am
  5. You are the best Andy, seriously
  6. man... I've come across that kind of stuff before, it just creeps me the **** out. What's even worse is that some people actually get off to that stuff, makes me rage hard.
    I am sorry you had to see it
  7. oh mikey, i just came across the weirdest thing i've seen in a while.

    lmao, i wasn't even looking through pony stuffs, just browsing the internets and i come across this D: i mean i knew stuff like this existed but i would have rathered never having my ponies innocence broken
  8. tc butt
  9. that is beautiful
    tell me what grade you got, when you get it!
  10. He had no real relationships, because he focused all of his being into the pursuit of Daisy. His relationships with everypony else fell short, and therefore without Daisy, he truly had nothing else to live for.

    excerpt lol
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