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Conversation Between Spinecode and stumbles

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  1. haha yeah can't wait for winter myself it's the best time to skate by far...
  2. oh ok i just got back from coops then second time down there today it was bloody hot..

    dont think ill mke it down again i'm pretty stuffed ill add you on fb in a bit my nmes jackson strain..
  3. yep friday sounds good...

    i'll add you on facebook, and what time you going for a roll tomoz?
  4. oh and hey any word on your travel thread coming up soon?

    my flatmate and i can't wait to read it and check the pics, were talking of doing a smiliar sort of trip skateboards photography and were hanging for your thread haha..
  5. hey dude, that would be great if you could help me out here and there...i can get some but it's in woodridge and i can;t get there till after 8.30 pm or else the grocer isn;t open and then after driving home it's a bit too late so something closer by would be better...
    let me know next time you're going to see him so we can arrange something..

    and yeah this damn rain i'm stinging for a skate so bad if it doesn't rain tonight i'm heading to coops tomoz for sure, i haven't been there in ages now..

    have you got a magnetic brace for your ankle my mate swears by them...
  6. yeah damn rain...was so keen for a roll today too...

    hopefully it clears up sometime soon i really need to get a skate in soon, starting to get withdrawals from skating and about to run out of groceries too haha, i was hoping to hit you up to see if you had any connections you could put me onto..

    since i'm new to the area..
  7. as long as this rain is gone in time i'll see you there..
  8. congrats on the engagement..if your ankles all good ill defs be going to acacia plaza, probably around 5ish..
  9. oops sorry i didn't see those messages till now sorry, i was at the DC demo at nerang today did you head out..

    and friday arvo i went to Acacia ridge plaza and it was empty, it's only a tenish miniute drove from Coops..
    I'll be going there again next friday arvo for sure it's perfect for different sized smooth ledges..bring your mate along if you guys are keen..
  10. cheers man, yeah i've been going on but their pics are small and terrible thats why i started the thread i plan on using some of the pics and info i have on my site once i start it..and then letting others put up other parks and spots who join up..

    and yeah i think i'll hit up freny grove soon just have to wait for this rain to piss off..
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