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Conversation Between Spinecode and stumbles

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  1. hey man, just realised i haven't been getting any of these messages. you have to click on view conversation before typing a message or else it just goes into your own profile..

    sorry about that haha i would have been writing back all this time..

    anyway, cheers for the tips i've been to Murrarie and i might just go back and take some pics for the thread and head to another park..
  2. hey man. whats been happening, you should check out my thread in the Aussie section and let me know if theres any Parks you would recommend i should visit...

    also we'll have to meet up for a skate soon..?
  3. hey man, yeah it sounds pretty good the only thing that turns me off is the razor tail part, i do alot of manuals and hate getting a razor quickly..

    let me know how it lasts..
  4. P2 is pretty sweet upon the first ride. Easy to pop. Feels very solid. Has that crisp, snappy sound I like. Doesn't really make you a better skater but it actually does feel a tiny bit different although nothing drastic. It's a little bit thinner than an average deck so i'm wondering if it will razor-tail sooner than i'd like.
  5. yeah hasn't rained in ages but it just had to today..was watchng fully flared last night pumping myself up for a good session..
  6. FAIL! Weather is lame. I was sooo keen for it too. At least I didnt have to get up early and put my bearing back together. I got tired and bailed out half way cleaning them last night.
  7. haha won't be suprised if you sleep all day tomorrow..if not i'll see you there..
  8. Gotta sleep tonight.
  9. Yeah I got bitten by the. Lets have fun & learn this **** whenever I get the chance" phase. It's been so long.
  10. true, i'm down for a roll tomoz i'll probably head down at 11am..your keen first day back and going your style..
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