Conversation Between Necromortis and Dr_Feelgood

Conversation Between Necromortis and Dr_Feelgood

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  1. Ehh cafes same old same old man, still some of the OG's hanging around. With me, not much, its been a cold rainy winter sadly, cant wait for summer to swing by and im super siked cause in one month im going to canada for a few weeks just for a little holiday, should be fun. Apart from that yeah just working, skating when i can, filming, living life
  2. I don't know if I'm really back. Just logged in to see what's up, you know.

    All's good with me, hope you're doing well as well. What's been up (with you as well as with the Cafe) lately?

  3. Haha definitley man, good to see you back. Hope all is well with you homie.
  4. I appreciate it man. I just logged on for the first time in what feels like forever (years? who knows), and saw this. Made me smile.

    If you ever want to shoot me an e-mail, feel free to: christian.opperman (It's not letting my type my e-mail...great. Apologies about the space)

  5. i wish you would return
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