Conversation Between Necromortis and Pathtek4

Conversation Between Necromortis and Pathtek4

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  1. Life's good! Looking forward to Christmas! You on break?
  2. The good word - college sucks time away. I can't believe it's been over three months since I was last on here. Feels like yesterday...

    How's life?
  3. Sup bro...What's the good word?
  4. Check you PMs my man, these visitor message things are way too short...
  5. Holy.......DUDE!!! Whats up my brother, *laughs*, long time no freakin' see!

    Been good man, just doing my thing. Have a daughter now, still skating, and just enjoying life!!

    How about yourself?
  6. Mike my man! How are you?
  7. Droppin you a hi, just in case you return
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