Conversation Between IndividClothing and Coleman

Conversation Between IndividClothing and Coleman

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  1. hahaha ! Make sure you post some pics on facebook of where you tag those stickers!!!
  2. feels good getting the package

    and bigger stickers!!!
  3. Right on man! Glad your diggin' it. I hope we have a returning customer
  4. Got the beanie

    really sick and comfortable

    love the stickers too
  5. haha no problem! Thanks for the support man
  6. dude thats awesome.

    I'll make sure to buy tomorrow maybe
  7. Well if you wanna grab anything during the free shipping weekend I can hook it up with a free tee for you for compensation! I appreciate the support! "CAFE" still gets 10% off ontop of the free shipping!
  8. not yet, didnt buy the beanie until like 3 days ago

    so really soon
  9. Sorry ! 5-7 business days at the most. Usually we ship orders out first class mail or priority. Did you receive your package yet?
  10. WHAT!

    free shipping!

    I few days ago i had to pay for shipping

    just my luck

    How long does it usually take to deliver to Cali?
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