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  1. Great to hear that things are going well for you.

    Yeah i'm 22 now and living with my girlfriend in Sweden at the moment, but we are planning to move to Australia in a few months. I've been pursuing spirituality for quite a few years, and I took up surfing again after I gave up on trying to skate with my bad ankle. Since i've been in Sweden though, there is no surf, so I thought i'd try some ankle strengthening exercises and it has helped a million, feels really good to be skating again.

    That's about all that's been going on with me. It's cool to see the cafe is still thriving along with the GOS . Perhaps I will film and post a video sometime.
  2. Holy crap, hey man, glad to see you're alive and well! It has been a really long time!

    All is well, married, 2 kids, etc etc. Teaching skating, but don't skate as regularly as I once did with the 2 children at home eating up my time after work.

    How is it all going with you? Man, last time I spoke with you, you were in your mid to late teens I believe. What are you doing now with your life down under?
  3. Hi Pathtek, how is it going? Nice to see you still skating and Admin now! Nice..

    I just started skating again after a few years break and loving it. Thought I would drop by the site to see if I still had a user. Your the only one I've seen that I can remember from when I used to use this site, so thought i'd say a hello.

    Hope all is well.
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