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How can I tell the nose from the tail on my deck?

This is pretty simple, all you have to do is look at your deck, the top (or the right side if you have a sideways graphic) of your graphic is the nose.

What is Goofy?

Skating goofy is the exact opposite of skating regular. It simply means that you skate with your right foot in front and your left foot in back. Remember that thereís nothing wrong with skating goofy, itís just personal preference.

Which foot should I push with?

This is all up to you! You should push with what ever foot feels natural to you, my best advise is to place a deck on the grass and run and jump at it in order to determine whether you are regular or goofy (whichever way you land is most likely how you will ride). If you are regular footed, it is regarded as correct to push with your right foot. If you are goofy, people say that you should push with the left foot.

What are some basic tricks I should learn?

It depends on what skating style you want. Generally, if you skate street, you canít go wrong with the ollie, shove-its, pop shove-its, kickflips, heelflips, and varial kickflips.

What is switch stance?

This is where you skate with your back foot in front and your front foot in back (traveling forward). Switch is harder to skate than regular.

What is the difference between vert, street, and freestyle skating?

Vert skateboarding are tricks on vert ramp. Street skating is what you see in 98% of skate videos today Ė handrails, gaps, hubbas, and ledges. Freestyle is technically any trick preformed on flatground. Itís generally categorized as footwork, rail, 50-50 (truckstand), and casper tricks (those are the basic tricks most freestylers learn).

What other forms of skateboarding are there?

Lots. The common ones are: street, vert, freestyle, pool, slalom, soul, bank, and park skating. Pick what you want, merge them together, etc.

What is a skate park?

If you donít know, itís a place that is full of skaters, and often bladers and BMX riders alike. You come here to skate the obstacles there and to generally have a good time! Thereís usually rails, pyramids, flatbanks, mini ramps, fun boxes, and lots of other things to help you improve at skateboarding!

What does it mean to "Mob" a trick?

The term "Mob" in skateboarding means to kick down with the flick of your foot. If someone says "your BS Kickflips are Mobbed" means that instead of dragging your whole foot up and flicking up wards or sort of kicking down which causes you to lose alot of pop in your trick and it looks sloppy.

What is a Fakie Ollie?

Fakie Ollie is when you ride on the nose so your kind of riding backwards and ollie, This should feel just as comfortable as an Ollie. This is a very important part of many tricks.

What is a Nollie?

A nollie is like a fakie ollie but instead of riding switch on your nose, when u ride regular you move forward and ride on your nose. It should feel just the same as doing a switch ollie. This may seem like the hardest stance to overcome but when you do it unlocks many tricks.

How do I kickflip?

NO! If your even reading this in the beginner section you shouldnít be trying a kickflip, go with the basics. These may look cool but there are painful to learn if you donít have your basic tricks down. Be smart.

What skateboard should I buy?

Donít listen to what people say about certain deck. Just get a nice and easy blank skateboard deck to start out with, some good trucks, a nice pair of cheap but great Bones Reds bearings or RocknRons Bearings, and blank wheels. I recommend this because it is cheap and very nice for a beginner, or if you want you can go to your local skate shop and ask for some completes.

Iím not improving, I feel like quitting.

In the beginning, and even when your pretty seasoned your going to be mad and feel like nothing because your not to where your standards are, but donít quit and give in. Try as hard as you can and just relax and do it at your own pace and if you do get mad just sit down and be chill.

What is the difference between a frontside and backside?

FS: If you are regular you spin to the left, if goofy, to the right.
BS: If you are regular you spin to the right, if goofy, to the left.

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