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  1. Thread: Car accidents

    by Lincon12

    Car accidents

    Hello everyone,,
    Anyone ever been in one?

    I've done some stupid ish with my car like doing a 180 and like a month ago a 360 in the median after i hit a mother ****ing MATTRESS, who does that?...
  2. Replies

    What's wrong with some people?

    Hello everyone,,
    So I just got home from an little skatesession. Not only the park was full of little BMX kids (who aren't THAT bad because they only sit around all day), but there was this weird 14...
  3. So is it basically impossible to make 'real' movies?

    Hello everyone,,
    I keep seeing over and over that you have to 'move to LA or NY' to make connections to make films. Obviously, the majority of people don't live in those two places, yet there are...
  4. Songs that turned against their creators…

    Hello everyone,,
    Thanks for all the answers! I found more examples of what I'm looking for.

    Do any of you have examples of songs that turned against their creators? I'm looking for examples of...
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