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    Bones Reds vs. Bones Super Reds?

    I've heard one person swear that the Supers were better, and another that the Reds were just as good for 10 bucks cheaper.

    Granted, it's only 10 bucks, but still. I could buy me and my buddies...
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    Finalizing my set-up

    Hey guys, about to follow through with this set-up I have planned.

    Minilogo 7.625
    Indy Stg. X trucks, 7.6
    Minilogo wheels (53mm 101a)
    Bones Reds bearings
    MOB grip
    Bacon hardware

    Just had...
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    Beginner set-up

    Hey guys, just a quick question. Here's the set-up I have planned, does it seem good for a complete noob? I'm gonna follow through and get it soon hopefully.

    Minilogo k12 deck
    Venture lo trucks...
  4. Oh, haha, that's cool. Yeah I need to get...

    Oh, haha, that's cool. Yeah I need to get connected to my local shop. I'll maybe ask around the boards about the set up then.

    And nice to meet you too sk8er44!
  5. Thanks! And oh, whoops. I said 'first complete'...

    Thanks! And oh, whoops. I said 'first complete' when I meant 'first real set-up.' My bad. Anyway, I've got comin in

    Minilogo k12/112
    Venture trucks
    Bones reds
    Flip wheels 99a

    Does that seem...
  6. if only I could think of a thread title that would stick out amongst the 'hellos'

    Hey guys,

    My name's DeGuzman. Hence, goose. Most of the time it takes a little bit before I decide to join a community, but after clicking around for just a few minutes, I went ahead and...
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