We're rounding up on another great year at Skaterscafe! For the first time since 2006-07, we've consistently held the MOTM awards for each month in 2009-2010!

Anyways, after seeing how the contest has been going this year, the staff has talked it over and have decided that these will be the guidelines for any nominations/voting.

1. Only veteran members and above are allowed to vote.

2. Anyone who excessively argues with another member/mod in the voting threads won't be allowed to participate in the contest for that month. That means no voting, and if they're in the poll they'll be removed.

3. You ARE allowed to nominate a member who has won at least 1 year ago. For example: if you nominate someone for the January 2011 MOTM, you can't choose any members who have won later than the January 2010 MOTM.

Thanks for reading,