Skate Park in South Florida?
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Thread: Skate Park in South Florida?

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    Default Skate Park in South Florida?

    Hey I've been doing some searching for skate parks here in South Florida but I'm having a hard time doing so. I find all these websites and addresses and I just get confused. So could anybody some Skate Parks in South Florida (Free or Pay). Preferably around the Miami area but I don't mind going a little farther.

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    It depends on what you mean by "skatepark." There are "skateparks" and there are "skateparks."
    If you're satisfied with pre-fab stuff, rails, a miniramp and maybe a 1/4-pipe and a pyramid, then sure, there are "skateparks" in South Florida you can go to. The Grove (One Cool World), MIA, Perrine, the new park in Indian Hammocks, and a few others. YAWN.

    But if you're looking for a bowl, pool, snake run, or any decent concrete tranny, then FUGGETTABOUTTIT. Nearest REAL "skatepark" is The Edge in Naples. That's 2 hours west from Miami. Or Jupiter & West Palm, 2 hours north. Marathon has a fun wooden bowl, 2 hours south.

    Bottom line: If you're looking for a real, decent skatepark, THERE ISN"T ONE WITHIN A 4-HOUR ROUNDTRIP DRIVE from Miami.
    Here's a fun fact for you: Miami is the ONLY city of it's size in the entire USA without a single public skatepark with a bowl or pool. Miami is HELL for tranny skaters!!!!!!

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    No need. The scene Is beautiful down yonder.
    - call me Aj. Feel free to share, those of you who actually skate.

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