Arcade Game of Skate - Manual Tricks Thread
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Thread: Arcade Game of Skate - Manual Tricks Thread

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    Default Arcade Game of Skate - Manual Tricks Thread

    No discussion allowed! Only manual tricks! Here's the Arcade Game Of Skate - Discussion Thread
    Same rules apply as every trick in the game

    However, there will be three quick things:

    1) No scrape allowed
    - If it's minimal, we will have a small vote whether it's passable or not

    2) Your manny pad (or curb) must be at least 4ft long, as long as it actually looks like a pad (you don't have to measure it)

    3) No flatground manuals, you have to jump on to something

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    I'll also give this one a try. I have no room to roll away. Will this be acceptable?

    Set: Nose manual

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