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    Default November Member Of The Month Interview With Andrew Jay

    hey everyone here's the MOTM interview with Andrew Jay for November.. enjoy

    How has SkatersCafe changed since you joined? How often do you skate?
    It's pretty obvious with anyone who was active at the time of SC popping off how It's changed. It's sad actually this site and fellow members got me really into trying and trying to progress.
    I remember the arcade use to be pretty popular. All and all there was always something to talk about being a thread or what have you with an array of interesting people.

    Honestly I've been idle when It comes to skating. I still love It but working full time In construction by the time I get home I'm pretty tired or am busy with my daughter. But every so often I dust her off and knock out a few.

    Go to trick?
    Kflip, just something about letting It rotate slowly and locking It down.

    Best/worst shoes you skated?
    Best - Lakai, Like Mike.
    Worst - A pair of CCS shoes I got for dirt cheap on their site. Lasted no more then a week or two, ha.

    What is your current setup(s)?
    I actually got my current board from this chick after skating It a bit at her house. She got all excited and gave It to me.
    Saying that I know It's a Plan B Sheckler board with Reflex trucks, but the wheels I couldn't tell you so their worn down.

    Did skating ever help your game with the ladies?
    Yes In the fact It brought attention/teaching them how to ride but nothing much more. Great ice breaker.

    Favourite skater?
    Couldn't label one person their are so many dudes killing It right now and before. Never dull.
    That and I never truly considered one to be my favorite.

    What was your first board and would you try hunt it down and buy one just like it?
    My first board was a black label. It was black and yellow with an elephant n flame. And actually I still have the board on my shelf.

    If you had no chance and had to show up in front of Judge Judy or Jerry Springer knowing you will get completely humiliated - which one would you choose?
    I hate Judge Judy, her voice Is head trauma. Jerry Springer would actually be fun as long as I wasn't playing some gay home wrecker. lol

    How would you feel if I told you that you are literally my long lost father Andrew? (FROM Rev J)
    Well I'm not too great with names and my memory Is foggy. Soo Is your mom hot?

    Same question only from me.(COLEMAN)
    Same response to coleman. But also I'd fly me and coleman over to Australia to catch up, skate, get wasted and make some new babies.

    Who's been your closest friend on SC?
    Stumbles/NoSwitch no doubt. You two have helped me go through some terrible shit and are always there when I need you guys.
    Sincerely thank you two for everything.

    What kind of skating impresses you the most?
    Free riding through downtown. Best example I could lay out would be Mrck and his vids he posts of him shredding It, nothing predetermined.

    Has your daughter done any cool stuff lately?
    Anything and everything she does Is the bees knees. Lately she had been mimicking what someone says.
    She told me that Daddy Is a naughty girl which had me cracking up. Shes just so beautiful.

    How many parties have you attended recently?
    I went to 1 on new years eve and It was good company with beer, can't beat that.
    The parties when I was younger where you know only a handful of people don't attract me anymore, full of drama.

    whats been the best day in your life so far?
    8/5/2011, meeting my little girl and to feel what unconditional love actually Is.

    if you could only do one trick for the rest of your life other than ollies what would it be?
    Lazers, I've yet to land one but they just fascinate me.

    Of all the Cafe members that have dropped off the map or faded away, which one would you most like to see posting here again and why?
    Tom. Such a cool down to earth guy that talked MMA with me back when I first joined when no one else seemed to care for It, nor do today other then Xgecko and Chi.
    It was literally just me and him going back and forth.

    What constitutes a "Great" day of skating for you?
    Not banging my shin. More importantly having someone to share It with whether or not they are actually skating.
    Landing this or that alone means only as far as your thoughts, time with good people makes for a great time. Love It.

    Andrew Jay, would you like AJ to come back so that you can gain a new nickname?
    I've almost adopted AJ as my real name since I've been called that from my family and friends as long as I can remember. But If someone can come up with something rad then hell ya.

    If you could ride one perfect set up for the rest of your life what would it be (describe in detail)....question taken from vit last month...
    Not to divert the question but I never look at anything In life perfect, I always see this or that I'd love to try or get.
    As long as It's not heavy and has great pop I'm a happy boy.

    whats the craziest thing you've seen in your life?
    My daughters birth. For anyone who hasn't seen that go do some research.
    With the cord and splatter, oh man, haha.

    if you were offered a fee holiday anywhere in the world where would you go and what would you do?
    Africa, I want to be eventually become a Zoologist and love animals. No better place for wildlife then there.
    I'd go on as many tours/adventures possible, just something you can't get here In the states.

    What are your resolutions for 2014?
    To be a better Man then I was last year.

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