OK here is the Interview folks:

This is on my trip to Israel in 2012

Seeing as I (SnowJoe) essentially tie broke the contest and gave you the win, what present are you going to get me?
This posi is all I could afford.

How goes the constant battle of basement skateboarding?
It's very tuff, I gotta check my parents' schedule and use my time wisely when they're not at home and get some stuff I had in planned filmed.

Why did you start skateboarding/who influenced you?
I started skateboarding in 6th grade, it was on a Walmart board and I couldn't turn, but I learned ollies on it and dropped in on the semi vert at the skatepark with it somehow haha. It wasn't until the summer after finishing 7th grade where I actually got a real skateboard and actually saw progress, I've been skating since then non-stop. I didn't really have any influences, I moved to a new town with an unusally huge indoor skatepark and gave it a try one day with a rental skateboard and I loved it.

Any good kickout stories?
I've never been kicked out of a spot! They still skatestop the heck out of everything in my town though.

How can you stand the sight of that twerky every time you post?
I can't, I ripped my eyes out long ago and I'm typing this with VoiceOver.

Do you skate with a crew or by yourself more?
I used to skate only by myself but since I started being a regular at the skatepark we're basically a crew of like 10 people now.

If you could automatically learn one trick, what would it be?
Hardflips, I mean I landed a couple but I roll away fakie even if I'm going full speed lol, It's just too damn frustrating.

What scares you the most in skateboarding?
Definitely stairs, I'm getting more comfortable with handrails/hubbas but I feel that with stairs at least for me there's a much higher chance of failure. I'm trying to change that though.

Do you rock exclusively at night?
for $25 I'll do it in the afternoon.

How's the job search going? Are you applying at any skate shops?
The last local shop here closed 2 years ago, there's no way I can get a job down in Toronto since it's too remote for me. There's no way in heck I'll ever apply at Zumiez or West 49.
I've recently finished my seasonal position at Boathouse, it's a clothing store here and I'm invited to apply again in September. I really want a DSLR more than anything so I'm definitely going to try to get a job by the time I turn 16 in May.

Favorite skate video?
I feel horrible when people ask me this question because I haven't watched too many of them, I mostly watch stuff from popular YouTube channels and local edits. I'd say Pretty Sweet because I liked everything in it.

how does it feel knowing that the god and legend of HVS was born where you currently reside?
I feel cheated because you lied about going to Ashbridges that one day. #RUDE

If you could meet/hang out with any member here who would it be?
You never said I couldn't hang out with all of you! I've entertained the idea of going down to Michigan to meet cdragon and of course seeing HVS in Toronto skateparks would be cool. My parents were originally planning to drive down to MI in December.

favourite tricks to watch?
Inward heels, so many people do them in so many different ways.

favourite trick to do?
Backside crooks all day long!

favourite pro skater or top three if you can't pick one
Sean Malto

Vincent Alvarez (I love his fast paced skating)


How's life in Canada?
It's been years since I've seen the sun.

Describe a typical skate session, how long do you go skating, what sort of spots ect
I usually bring a sandwich and 5-6 water bottles, sometimes I'll go down to the urban part of my town and skate down a stage, usually lots of other skaters are there. Other times I go down to Vaughan, Ontario where I used to reside. I know the local skaters there and one of my best friends lives there. I usually sleep at his house and we go skating 3 days in a row since he lives near 4 parks and a ton of street spots. I'm looking forward to skating Toronto this season, I heard the security is high.

If you could skate any famous spot past or present where would it be?
The marble hubbas in NYC

This hubba in France which got torn down, Ali Boulala did some nice stuff on it.

What are your other main interests besides skating? and is skating the one you're most passionate about?
Skating is the one I'm the most passionate about, I have no idea why. I've been playing piano for 10 years but I stink, I haven't been consistent at it.

If you could move anywhere in the world for six months where would you go and why?
Israel, I grew up there until I was 9 and I miss my family and the beaches. Hopefully I'm going to visit for the first time in 2 years this summer.