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    I've been seriously thinking of putting inverted kingpins on my trucks. Currently I use 7.5 Destructo trucks on my freestyle setup, with the stock barrel bushing (which is rock hard) and a stiff Bones Hardcore cone bushing on top.

    I've found a kit for the Grind King kingpin as well as just the Tracker inverted kingpin. From what I have read online the Grindking kingpin but does not fit in any truck, other than . Most people use JB Weld to bond the nut to the baseplate.

    So first, has anyone here done this? What works best, grindking or tracker kingpin.

    Eventually, I plan on getting new trucks, better for freestyle, if there is such a thing. So if the Destructos get jacked up its not the end of the world. However, with my limited skate budget I usually skate things to the point of failure.

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    All kingpins used to be inverted back in the early 70s. They would strip out or worse, crack the base plates because the bolt hits the board when cranked down too tight. That was the whole reason Tracker and Gull Wing turned them around so the nut is on top in the first place.

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