"Solsticij" video trailer & inspiring interview
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Thread: "Solsticij" video trailer & inspiring interview

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    Default "Solsticij" video trailer & inspiring interview


    My friend from Croatia, Nikola Racan, has been filming for his full-length video for three years. The project now is nearing its completion (premieres are scheduled for september this year) and this first trailer was just released. I have a clip in it (the tailscrape thing over the street gap) and will have a full part in the full video.

    I interviewed Nikola for the Magenta skateboards website (Magenta being one of the sponsors of the project) which you can read here : http://www.magentaskateboards.com/cr...tia-solsticij/ getting discussed : the process of mobilizing yourself for your local scene, DIY building, independent video / photo projects and festivals, the skate scenes in old European countries such as Croatia and Slovenia. And tons more which hopefully will inspire some of you.

    Not putting this in Video Vault on purpose seeing as it's not just a video and also due to Video Vault being a private forum, when I want this to be available for everyone to stream

    Thanks for reading !

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    Looks awesome man!

    It's exciting to see skating from more and more countries. It seems like people are finally starting to focus less on California and a little more on some (for lack of a better term) obscure places, which is really awesome to see!

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