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Thread: Freestyle + Chopin = ART

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    Woot Freestyle + Chopin = ART

    I just did this video with the director Juan Pablo Diaz skating downtown of Santiago de Chile doing some tricks with Chopin.

    what do you think guys? would you watch a future part two?

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    Beautiful. The skating is great. The locations are great. The editing putting it in time with the music is great. Even the music used makes it a nice change of pace for skate videos. The compositions of the shots are also fantastic. Granted I'm a huge Brett Noveck fan so those artistic types of skate videos are right up my alley.
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    that was dope as fuck ! i think my heart might have jumped a little when i saw the first clip of you on the blank board because your bottom grip (?) job on the nose really looked like a heavell sticker - had to replay the clip a few times and pause it mid-flip to make sure (unnecessarily because it then turned out to appear several more times in the video after that point in a more noticeable manner, but i still had to do it). turned out it wasn't, but oh well.

    seeing as Rev J brought up the Killian Martin comparison, i'll add that i personally don't even really like and barely watch his stuff yet still loved the fuck out of your video, i thought it felt a lot more sincere and genuine than Killian's stuff (probably also because of how his are usually presented and edited, to be fair). it reminded me of Mullen's flatground section in Rodney vs. Daewon (the first one) a bit. in general it's still always great to see you skate / still skating ! maybe we can skate together one day.

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