Not a great shot composition wise or even timing wise, just showing off one of my friends who is also one of my favorite skateboarders. The true spirit of skateboarding has always been alive in this kid, he's never been interested in anyone elses skating or what tricks other people are doing. He skates what he wants to skate, when he wants to skate it, and how he wants to skate it. Some of the clips we've filmed don't even make sense, hopefully i'll get to showcase some of those soon. Took a snapshot of him practicing wallie's off the side rail of the quarterpipe in preparation for another ridiculous thing he's got brewing in his head. (For an example of one of those ridiculous things, last year he did a blunt stall bigspin out......except he was catching the bigspin so that he would land in a boardslide down the side of the quarterpipe...make sense?)

Anyway, just thought i'd share a quick photo of one of my homies who always reminds me what skateboarding is about. Having fun, and doing what you feel like doing, even if it seems whack to everyone else.