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    Default More Appalachia vibes

    When you get off work at noon and have a day full of plans but everyone bails on you, you go for a drive over to a nice chill out spot so you don't kill all of your friends. hahaha. Love this little spot, not often you get natural open land in the mountains out here.

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    Have you tried geocaching? It's an older form of Pokemon G but with GPS and actual hidden objects. Pretty sure there would be plenty of quests to casually go locate around there. Some folks just find the item and check it off the list. Others find it and replace it with something else cool. Kids scout troop is going to try it on a nature trail near here Saturday. I loaded up my cheap GPS with the targets along the trail they are hitting. It's way easier to do with a simple smartphone app. Compass and GPS is more old school and involves a little more decision making and keen observation to find the hidden stuff.

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    ^^That sounds pretty cool. In some cities they do something similar called Alternate Reality Games. Where you register online and get clues via text messages, email and phone calls to give you clues about where to go and who to talk to.
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