Any of us who were skating in 2005 knew this name - he was Jaws before Jaws existed. He back 50-50'd a 25 stair first try. He sent shockwaves through the skateboarding world when he made history by back lipslding El Toro 20 stair before he was even on flow for a company, being the first guy to back lip 20 stairs (and a feat I believe to this day still hasn't been matched). He switch 50-50'd the heath ledge before anyone even know who he was. He didn't have much technical skill, but lets face it, half of his What If part is tricks that nobody else has even tried to fuck with since. If he hadn't dropped out of skateboarding, imagine some of the shit he would've went for.

When I was little this is the way I wanted to skate. I loved going fast and just trying to throw my body down shit. Carlos was one of my heroes back when I was first picking up a skateboard, so this documentary is very cool to me.

and if you are unfamiliar with who Carlos is, here is his one and only video part, some of the clips he wasn't even on a company yet.