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    Default Philosophy of Wing Chun

    It is strongly believed that the training for Wing Chun, the ability to understand all the ideas and to learn the moves and tricks of the Art together with the ability to understand the philosophy are helping to put every single person in the driver seat of their life. The ability to understand all those things together makes you control the life. The development of the ability to become a grand fighter must provide us with the ability to become kinder, to become better and more compassionate. It must help us and make us more loving and helpful supportive of each other. These skills need to teach us how to overcome all the difficulties in our lives and they need to make us rid of hatred and jealousy. The real fighter, an ideal warrior never brags about himself. Only those, who are really secure are actually free from the desire to make others see that they have some physical powers and they donít need any approvals from the people around the, because they trust themselves and they have a faith in them. They are very supportive, they are not angry and they understand most of the people. They accept everything and everyone and most importantly they are very kid. They arenít scared that someone will think that they have some weaknesses and one of them is their kindness.

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    so what your saying is.. Kick ass, take names later, Don't give a fuck what ANYBODY thinks, And if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball
    when you fall, you gotta get back up to land the trick.

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    All this time I thought it was "Everybody have fun tonight." Wait that's the philosophy of Wang Chung.
    "Before diagnosing yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not just surrounded by assholes," William Gibson

    I'm trying to be more Zen. What is the sound of me not giving a fuck?

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