RIP P-Stone (Thrasher's staff videographer)
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Thread: RIP P-Stone (Thrasher's staff videographer)

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    Default RIP P-Stone (Thrasher's staff videographer)

    Nothing is more heartbreaking than hearing news that a loved one has passed away. It hits you like a ton of bricks. As Iím writing this now, I still havenít moved an inch past the phase of shock, and Iím positive itís because thereís no way Preston Maigetter has left us. There isnít a stronger, more brimming-with-life person on this planet. Iím certain of it.
    Preston was everything you could ever want in a human being. He loved his family and friends and skateboarding and life like no other person Iíve ever known. Preston is the guy youíd bring along if you were stranded on a island. Heíd find the food, keep you safe, and eventually when search parties came to the rescue youíd tell them to turn back. You were gonna stay on that island with P-Stone.
    From now until infinity, weíll refuse to accept his passing. Preston hasnít left us. He never will. Show your friends and family the love they deserve, the love that Preston always provided, and his spirit will never leave. Preston was with us yesterday, heís right by our side today, and his heart guides us tomorrow and beyond. We love you, Big Dog.
    -Tony Vitello

    Bummer to hear. Even worse, it sounds like it was a drunk driving accident and Cory Kennedy was the driver, he's in jail now from what I understand.

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    Terrible tragedy. If any good can eventually come out if it maybe a few folks reflecting on this will decide to grab an Uber instead of driving next time they are even a little bit uncertain of their sobriety. I have no doubt that something like this could have happened to me in my 20s had I not been lucky. Thoughts and prayers to all the families involved..

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