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    These 3 are your best options:
    Poppin' fresh, but add-your-own wheels. Even still, it's a good price!
    Blind are made in China, last I knew, using substandard wood and glue, so the boardfeel might be a little a newb, it probably won't matter, but I'm a curmudgeon. But, I <3 Venture trucks and Spitfire wheels
    This one is your absolute best's barely been ridden. The nose and tail are in fantastic shape, barely any wear whatsoever; the griptape isn't even dirty; the wheels look to have one, maybe two sessions on them at best; and the trucks still have the freakin' sticker on them. Krooked, last I knew, were made in the US at Watson Laminates...that's a solid fuckin' board.

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    I'm decided between the Duffy and the one with the krooked trucks. The duffy I might save money its just $40 although it does not have wheels or bearing I can get good wheels and bearing for around $30 and spend under a dollar for the washers and spacers. The one with Krooked trucks are nice too! I don't really like that griptape though I like plain jane black griptape but Jessup is around $5 so it would not be that big of a deal

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