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    I know I've been here maybe a week or so but I just noticed a introduction thread and have not properly introduced myself.

    So I'm the goat in from the OKC/Norman area. I'm 29 years and about hit the dirty 30 this upcoming May. I skated in my teens years in the mid-late 2000s I don't know exactly why I quit skating a but I did. I was not exactly a "goat" at skating all I could really do was Ollie from a stand still and not while riding, a boneless, and some frontside boardslides if I found a curb just low enough for me to pop up the frontside and ride it. But I'm looking to get back into. In this day age with YouTube(was not big when I skated) and the backing and support from this community I'm confident that I will be much better then I was. And a couple of you have already got me started in the right direction and I appreciate that

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    Around here what's most important is skating for your own enjoyment. Some of these folks are pretty good, I never was but enjoy getting out and pushing around doing easy stuff.

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    That's whats up man Glad to hear you got back into skating! I didn't skate at all this winter and getting back on a board reminds me how therapeutic and chillax it is. See you around bro!
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