Is skateboarding worth the risk?
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Thread: Is skateboarding worth the risk?

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    Default Is skateboarding worth the risk?

    I want to start skateboarding, but I don't know if it is worth the risk. Im still a highschooler, Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire my mom says I shouldn't because i will get hurt. I offered to pay, but she still refuses. I read a couple articles, but the authors sound like they never rode a skateboard. So i want to get the answer from real skateboarders. Is it really worth the risk? Would proper safety equipment reduce the injury rate to the point were i shouldn't worry? Thank you for any answers in advance!
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    You will fall and it will hurt, there's no two ways about that. Risk can be mitigated by padding up (and ALWAYS wear a helmet). Is it worth it? I can't speak for you, but for me, skateboarding has become part of my personality...I'm Skateboard Guy to my friends. Given my history of injuries, there are things I would've done differently to mitigate those risks (and possibly reduce some of the injuries I've sustained), but overall, it's definitely been worth it.

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    You're far more likely to get hurt or die taking a shower or driving to the skate park than you are riding a skateboard. I think swimming and riding a bike are the most risky recreational activities done by millions of people daily. You can sit home in bubble wrap or you can go out and live life to its fullest. That doesn't mean doing totally stupid things or not taking reasonable precautions like wearing a helmet. Anyone who's ever slammed with a helmet on knows it's proper risk mitigation.

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