Tips for buying your first skateboard
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Thread: Tips for buying your first skateboard

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    I'm planning on buying my first ever skateboard tomorrow and I was wondering if I should buy a complete skateboard or make my own? Do you have any tips or things to look out for when buying your first skateboard? Sarkari Result Pnr Status Showbox
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    Go to an actual, brick-and-mortar skateshop, even if it's a Zumiez. Get your grubby fingers on as much equipment as you can. Skateboarding is very tactile, and you can't reproduce that sort of interaction online. When I was working in a skateshop, I'd often tell my customers to find the most comfortable board for them...if you're not comfortable on the board, you're not going to ride it.

    We used to offer a deal wherein you'd get a 10% discount on a complete board if you assembled it with's common, but not every single skateshop does this. Talk to 'em and figure out what they do offer, as I'd highly recommend going that route instead of buying a preassembled complete like this. The most important parts of a skateboard are the trucks, wheels, and bearings; all 3 of which are typically sacrificed in a preassembled complete. By assembling one in a skateshop, you can save a ton of money by buying a shop brand or blank deck (usually a substantial savings over buying something branded), then spending your money on decent trucks, wheels, and whichever $15-25 set of bearings strikes your fancy (you're not going to need anything bigger/better/faster if you're just beginning).

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