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    Default Keep hearing things about Skate 4...

    it's been one year shy of a decade since Skate 3.

    If they ever did make Skate 4, it would just be a souless cash in with micro transactions and a kook factor so high you'd think you were playing Revolution Skateboarding. The original EA Skate was a passion project, for skaters by skaters. By the time 3 came out, Scott Blackwood left Blackbox, him being the heart and soul of the series up until that point. Skate 3 ended up just being for the masses and less about true skateboarders. With an ad campaign with the slogan "Everyone can skate"? Have you seen those cringe worthy ads? Gimme a fuckin break lol. Fuck Skate 4 and fuck EA for even holding ownership of the brand. Not trying to bash anyone's love for the series, just attempting to shed some light on the inevitable truth.

    Heres a final note as to why it won't (shouldn't) happen. Blackbox loved skateboarding, period, they were skaters who cared about their project vision. EA is the person who kicks you out of the skate spot, knobs it, and tells you the get a job. They do not care about skateboarding, only money. Look what they've done to great independent small developers, raised them up to make good money, then shut em down like they meant nothing. EA still shutdown Blackbox even after the massive success of Skate 3. Now if, IF they were to hire a team to make S4, it wouldn't be composed of real skaters, or any skaters at all. Maybe we'd get a nice polished game that seemed great upon release, but it would probably end up what GTA V is to GTA IV (assuming you've seen that comparison video)Nox VidMate Mobdro

    Saying Skate will come back is like saying Dead Space, Half-Life, and THPS will come back. Let it go my friends...

    I hope this opens your eyes a bit.
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    Both the THPS series and the Skate series were game fact, I think it's fairly easy to draw a line of progression from the open-world, semi-RPG elements of Tony Hawk Underground and Tony Hawk American Wasteland to Skate 3. But, the THPS games made players feel like they were on the X-Games, doing 900's and getting big airs, while EA Skate focused more on the skater's experience of needing precise body movements.

    To reinvigorate the skateboard videogame genre, we need another paradigm shifting experience...something that makes the player feel the same way they did the first time they played THPS or Skate. You're absolutely right in saying that Skate 4 will be terrible. THPS5 on PS3 was horrible, after having played THUG, THAW, and all of the Tony Hawk games post Pro Skater.

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