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    Hi everyone, I've been riding a Wowgo KT for a few hundred miles now and while I totally love it for short hops down the street (I live downtown in a major metro), I'd like something less harsh. The KT just kills my legs with the slightest bumps, and I'm constantly monitoring the road for bumps/rocks which makes rides more anxious rather than fun.

    What would you recommend? My commute is only 1-3 miles, but I feel like I'd ride more if it was more pleasant.

    I really appreciate any feedback. Price isn't the biggest consideration, but I'd like to cap it at $1000 as that's the breaking point where paying for parking makes sense. Is the Backfire Ranger X1 my solution? Any boards coming out I should wait for? I don't stay on top of the market, so aNox VidMate Mobdro
    ppreciate your input.

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