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    Hello, my username is a typo. Should be imatonkatoo. Ah well.

    Completely new to giving skateboarding a go but my daughter has just gotten into it at 14 so a good excuse for me to have a go too. Always loved the sport from about the age of 12. But never really given it a go until now. Had a couple of goes on my daughter's but it feels lethal. Purchased a Birdhouse Stage 1 which should be here soon. Very self conscious at my age (46) to be skateboarding but the feeling of wanting to do it goes very deep. I know I am going to get hurt but in my life time I have broken 18 bones so kind of getting used to it. Always been lary, even at this age. I snowboard and can do a few tricks on that and love the speed.

    Have any of y'all had skateboarding lessons or is it best to just chuck yourself into it? I feel really embarrassed/anxious about doing this at my age I know people are going to say don't worry about it, but that is easier said than done. Think my main problem is the having all the gear no idea scenario. 46 year old going to the skatepark with my skateboard as a beginner is not a good feeling to have. Kids and adults are going to look at me thinking what the he'll is he doing here.
    Though I am determined to give it a go for me and my daughter. Daughter doesn't know anyone that skates either. So we can learn together. We snowboard together so that's all good.

    Anyway I digress. Hello everyone.

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    Welcome aboard!

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