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    Hello everyone,,
    Thanks for all the answers! I found more examples of what I'm looking for.

    Do any of you have examples of songs that turned against their creators? I'm looking for examples of artists who got it worse off because of one song.

    Here's an example of what I'm looking for: I recently came across a story of Eagle's guitarist Don Felder, about his song Hotel California. He composed the song demo with multiple guitars and multiple takes, but he had a problem playing it live: he had to switch from a 12-strings guitar for the intro, to an electric guitar for the solo. To make it easier, he got a 20 lbs. double neck guitar. The mobdro lucky patcher kodi song got so famous that he had to play it a lot, which caused him back pain problems over the years.

    More examples: there's also the case of songs that inspired horrific things (Helter Skelter and Charles Manson), songs that were caught in personal crossfire (Neil Young's Hey Hey, My My was quoted in Kurt Cobain's suicide note). I'm also looking for songs where the author admits to something, and it comes back to bite them (murders? crimes?).

    It seems like the most common occurence of songs turning against their artists is when they became way more famous than the rest of the artists work… I guess it's bad, but it's still good for the artist.
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    Any one of numerous "One Hit Wonders".
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