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    Hello everyone,,so Parker learned to ride a skateboard at 6. We took him to the skate park, and he just took to it. Of coarse he fell a lot, and couldn't do much at first. But, he just pushed off and rode, with no problem. He was going down small bank ramps his first day. He was never really interested in a bike......

    Well, my Dad and I decided to buy him a bike yesterday, because we figured he's at the age where he'd enjoy that too, plus he could ride it camping and stuff. (We're going camping this week) He picked out a Tony Hawk one, and was SO excited about it........but can't ride it yet. My Dad worked with him a lot today, and he just can't balance good yet, or ride it by himself. He was getting SO frustrated, and he said, "I just want to ride my board! It's much easier!"

    I swear it seems like a bike would be easier to learn, but maybe that's just me. LOL What was easier for you to learn, a bike or board? Or was it about the same? How long did it take to learn to balance a bike and ride it by yourself?? (if you remember......)xvideos xnxx xxx

    Just curious......
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