So is it basically impossible to make 'real' movies?
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Thread: So is it basically impossible to make 'real' movies?

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    Default So is it basically impossible to make 'real' movies?

    Hello everyone,,
    I keep seeing over and over that you have to 'move to LA or NY' to make connections to make films. Obviously, the majority of people don't live in those two places, yet there are millions of aspiring filmmakers. This seems very bleak and unpromising, kind of like, what's the point even? Is there no place for talent or for a person who is gifted, or does it all just come down to who you can kiss up to enough to where they give you a chance for whatever reason?

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    I don't think this is quite the case anymore since the internet has done a good job of decentralizing distribution. It really is about self promotion and finding your audience.
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