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    Default Car accidents

    Hello everyone,,
    Anyone ever been in one?

    I've done some stupid ish with my car like doing a 180 and like a month ago a 360 in the median after i hit a mother ****ing MATTRESS, who does that?
    But last week i encountered my first. Me and my coworker were racing down 192 pushing our civics at about 100+ in a 55 ha. And then i switched into the right lane to avoid a lineup which turns out to be the same thing just a lil shorter so of course we both down shifted to stop. I barley came to a stop before i almost rear ending these tourists. Oh man i though then BAM!!! He hit my ass. His car sits a lot lower then mine and only bent my exhaust down a tad and a few scratches. Dudes whole front end is jacked up. Feel bad for him.
    Anyone care to share there stories even if it twas your fault?
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    First accident I was in was when I was waiting at a stop sign to turn, and some jerk was texting and driving behind me. Said he didn't see me or thought that I had turned, so he kept going right into the back of my car.

    Second accident I was in was when I was test driving a stick shift Hyundai with my wife. I came to a complete stop, looked both ways, and proceeded through the intersection. Problem was, it was only a two way stop. I got t-boned HARD, and wound up totalling the car.

    Third and fourth accidents involved driving too fast for the given situations and one car sliding into another at the was me sliding into a car, the other was a car sliding into me.

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    Never been in an accident but my cars been hit 3 times when its been parked on different streets and not once was a note left..... people are shitty

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