Are you looking for a pleasant and practical means of transport for your city trips? You are tired of the car, you prefer to use public transport in small doses and the bike is not your cup of tea… Turn to alternative means of urban transport: skateboarding, hoverboard and scooter! Check out best skateboards and hoverboards .
Alternative means of transport tailored for urban travel!
Alternative urban means of transport such as scooters, skateboards and rollerblades have been on the rise in recent years, and that is understandable! For city trips, these three disciplines are more suitable and more practical than the car, public transport or even the bicycle.
There are many advantages:

- A clean and ecological means of transport ;
- An opportunity to play sports on a daily basis while on the move;
- More freedom in your movements , you can circulate in the pedestrian zones and take public transport with a scooter, a skate or roller skates;
- No risk of theft and no parking, since you take your means of transport to your workplace or to your school;
- You avoid the risk of cars since traffic is on the sidewalks and not on the road.

Skateboarding is easy to transport!
Using skateboarding for daily commuting takes a bit of practice. Yes, you still have to be sure that you have mastered the balance on the skateboard before getting started. It takes a few weeks of training before you can roam the city freely. Sport similar to skateboarding, the practice of longboarding or cruising for example is no less fun and above all easier when you are starting out. Discover all our tips to learn to ride, turn, brake ... In short cruiser! Follow the guide.
Skateboarding is the easiest alternative means of urban transport. You have nothing to store, you take your skateboard under your arm and you enter a store or the bus.

The scooter is easy to take by hand
Children and adults use the scooter to get around the city center, including traveling several kilometers! The scooter is one of the easiest and best alternative means of transportation. You keep your balance as on a bike thanks to the handlebars.
The urban scooter also offers the advantage of being foldable and easily transportable, even if it is more cumbersome than skateboarding or rollerblading. If the sidewalks are slightly damaged, this is not a concern; the large wheels absorb the roughness and allow you to ride without problem.
The scooter gives you a lot of freedom to move around, but there are a few rules you need to follow to get around the city on a scooter. Discover our mini manual! And if you are still not convinced, discover our article on the 7 good reasons to prefer the urban scooter to your car.