I think a big part of the reason old street footage looks like that though had to do with the times. If you go back and look at the Santa Cruz videos "Streets of Fire" and "Wheels of Fire" or the original Bones Brigade videos street skating was still kind of an outlaw thing so a lot of it had to be shot guerrilla style. Get in get the shot/trick and get out. I saw an interview with Tommy Guererro where he said most of that old stuff was shot in 3 takes max because if you went for the fourth take you would generally be talking to the cops. Plus look at how much equipment has changed.

Just for shits and giggles get a reissue Vision Mark Gonzalez deck, put a set of 95a 60mm wheels, the heaviest trucks you can find, and just to be safe salvage a set of bearings from a Walmart board then try and do any "Modern" trick. Even try doing most old school tricks. I've actually heard that straight No Complies are easier to control on old school boards since the tails don't have the rocker that a popsicle stick does. But remembering what those old school boards felt like makes all of that shit so much impressive to me.