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Oh dude anyone caught lighting fires deserves to be locked up for a very very long time. Breaks my heart seeing the koalas and kangeroos injured
Yeah thankfully a lot of our terrain is so fucked that in itself acts as containment for some fires, but that also prohibits crews from even reaching some areas to try and stop it from at least spreading in the valleys etc. I was worrying about the Javelinas and Chuckwallas in our big big fire last summer but it was on a bunch of land a lot of animals have a hard time living in anyway. Coatimundi don't live down here so I wasn't worried about them. Hopefully we never get fires the level yours are at, the big phoenix one lasted like two months but they kept it contained to 168,000 acres. (Still huge and generations of damage were done, but way different game than what you guys have right now). Ours was also human started.

Low key though fuck tarantulas anyway i wasn't worried about them in the phoenix fires hahahahaha (jk they're part of the ecosystem and blah blah but low key fuck tarantulas)