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Coronavirus got buck here for a bit in Arizona. Phoenix was #1 per capita in the world for a sec. In north scottsdale alone we had to shut down 7 of our stores from employees catching it in the same week, one store had like 9 people out, my store had a case, etc. Has slowed down considerably though. our daily average has dropped a lot from where it was a few weeks ago.

Also, confirmed from more than one friend who has had the virus themselves, they're counting re-tests as new cases in daily numbers, just a FYI for everyone. My friends in Nashville were told by their doctors to not go get re-tested bc the daily case numbers don't reflect number of individuals, just number of positive tests returned. So there's actually no telling how many actual people currently have it.

Which is real fun to hear as someone who lost his career indefinitely over this virus and is now rationing groceries and skipping meals to try and make the budget work out while I work part time at Starbucks and pay rent on credit cards lmao

Wish I could just go to sleep and not wake up for a few months. My life has been more or less completely falling apart. I'm tired, man. Being American blows.
Love you bro, stay strong and get through this the best you can