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    Default Warhawk

    Okay I hate making a lot of threads anyone have this game here? I don't really want to play against a lot of random people again and get killed before I know what happened. So if you have it and play it or want to play it add me on the PSN cause getting trophies is great!

    PSN= Grishrak

    Im not currently ready to jump into a game cause Im going or a gold trophy by being a dedicated server for a ranked game in it (only have to keep it open for 4 hours before its mine!) After that Im willing to be up for a few rounds of getting murdered. I don't have any of the booster packs like Broken Mirror yet (when Sony sends out the cash cards for the PSN I'll get it along with $200 value of downloads).

    BTW you need to see the leaderboard the top guy in the normal Warhawk has about 8500 wins and over 43000 loses. Game is the hardest ever!
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    I have it, I just got all 3 of the booster packs thanks to my buddy Edward who lives a couple cities from me. BUT the only problem is I left my warhawk disc at my friend josh's house :|
    I hope to get it back tomorrow though, or today actually. Since I just got all 3 booster packs I really want to play this game alot more.
    I played it like 3 times before haha cause I didn't have anyone to play with either.
    My psn is: cpmpanda
    I barely had any kills in that game haah...it wouldn't surprise me if my kill count was 1 and death count was 234089323

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