Goshen College plays National Anthem for first time
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Thread: Goshen College plays National Anthem for first time

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    Tyler Self

    Default Goshen College plays National Anthem for first time

    If you're not familiar with this, Goshen College, which is affiliated with the Anabaptists, decided to have a one-year trial period of playing the National Anthem at sports games.


    It was played and was met with over 400 complaints and a petition to stop the playing of it at those sports games (which I signed over a month ago).

    The Anabaptists are a group of Christians which place membership in God's kingdom ahead of membership in any country. They consider all people in every country their "countrymen" and do not consider themselves members of any world country.

    The petition can be found here: http://www.jesusradicals.com/anarchi...hen-college-2/

    I thought this might be an interesting topic to discuss.

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    I like the first comment on that page:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob S
    Four-hundred complaint letters, eh?
    Welcome to America, the land of tolerance and acceptance. This school's policy regarding playing or not playing the Anthem before games wasn't affecting anyone, so who found it so worthwhile to complain about? Is this really the biggest problem some people have in their lives? That some private, religious school wasn't playing the National Anthem before baseball games? I wish I had so little going on in my life.

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    its a private institution and they can do whatever they want. i dont see a problem with it but im not familiar with anabaptists or mennonites so i can't comment on whether or not it conflicts with their worldviews.
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    Quote Originally Posted by razz View Post
    I like the first comment on that page:
    It's not a matter of "just playing the anthem before this and that", it is entirely about Anabaptist tradition and taking Christ's message (in this case, the sermon on the mount) and having it govern as many areas of your life as possible. Besides, signing the petition took a good 2 minutes. I might have more to say if I was an Anabaptist or if I attended Goshen college, but neither is the case.

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